Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly...

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to pack we go...our normal tidy home is totally upside down and it is DRIVING ME NUTS! I wouldn't call myself a neat freak by any stretch of the imagination but I do enjoy knowing where things are and how to find them and you can see...I need not say more!! I know there is a natural progression of things and this too will end.

All three of our boys are coming tomorrow and we are very excited to see them and to get their help. Dear friends Claudia and Warren are opening their home and hearts to us and we are so grateful!!

One thing that I will really miss is my beautiful flowers. I learned the art and wonderment of growing from my buddy Leslie-she lived a few houses from me in Utah and is a Master Gardener who is also very patient with her 'students'. I know we will have lovely foliage in the Philippines but I do love and will miss playing in my columbines...

This was also a sad but productive day. My longtime friend Bertie Lutz and I have a tradition of 'cleaning the machine' together-when I was taking my longarm classes and learning the ins and outs of quilting, I had her attend my workshops with me because four ears are better than two and two brains [especially as we approach and pass 60] are a lot better than one! It has become a great bonding activity-we each have our tasks and together, we can get it sparkling in a little over an hour. Today was our last time to accomplish this feat together. 'Millie' will be living at a friends quilting studio for two years and we needed to get her cleaned and ready to be moved. It was definitely bittersweet-I love this friend of 30 years and I will miss her terribly as well as my buddy of the past seven years, my Millie. She and I have created many beautiful quilts and I look forward to working together for many more years.


  1. This is SUCH an undertaking you are going through, but I know how excited you are to go on your mission and it will be worth it to you and Randy. I hope it goes as smoothly as you have it planned. Enjoy your last visits with your kids and kidlettes. Everyone is going to miss you - thank Heaven for the internet, so we can keep up with you even though you will be far far away from us all.

  2. I am so proud of the sacrifices you and Randy are making.I saw Chip and Rob getting ready to leave this morning!Your going to have a great weekend! Love You Both!

  3. It will all be worth it for the life-changing experience you are about to undertake. Watch out Cuayan MIssion! Here comes Cheri!