Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Music and a little more...

Hey Cris, Chip, Todd, Kim and Rob...remember these and look at the name!  Co-inkidink???
District Choir is officially formed and going and what a group!!!  These Filipino people LOVE music and LOVE to sing.  As you recall, the first week's practice brought me around 15 people.  They came from a branch about 10 miles away in a Jeepney and a few local members from the two local units showed up but they were all at least 30-60 minutes late!!  Now, my friends, those of you who have known me for a while know that I am an 'on-time' person and the 'Filipino time' mindset would not work for me ssssssssoooooooooo...................these people LOVE to eat and their treats are called 'marienda'.  I asked them what time THEY wanted to start practice for the next few weeks and when 1:30 was decided, I said...'ok people...I will make marienda for those people who would like it and it will be served at 1:15.  At 1:30, the lid of the cooler will be replaced and practice will begin.  [a little bribery always worked on my kids..]

Cue the drum roll..............at noon, 15 people came...by 1:00, we had about 40 people there and there were only 4 or 5 who missed the marienda!!  American brownies [the natives here do not have ovens and really appreciate baked goods]  We had a great practice!  One of our sister missionaries from SLC is going to accompany us so I won't have to play and conduct the choir with my head..haha!

On the way home, we offered rides to the group from Aurora, a city close to where we live.   Randy and I drive right through there and so they all piled in, 6 in the back and another 7 in the back seat of the cab.   When they were loading and hesitant, I reminded them all that I have seen 15 people in a trycie so they can certainly fit in this truck plus..it was a free ride!  They were paying 60 pesos [about $1.50] to come to choir practice and for most of them, that is half of a days wages.  They appreciated the free ride home...
The cargo area group
The backseat group
Saturday we attended a great baptism of two sisters and a brother in a family.  Their mother had recently died in a tragic motorcycle accident, their father went off the deep end [he was driving the motorcycle] and the three children found the gospel.  They are 12, 13 and 21.  The building in San Pedro is the one I showed you earlier-they have done a grand job of landscaping and as I was admiring the scenery after the baptism, I noticed what appeared to be a sculpture of a moth on the side of the building.  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a real moth!!!!!!!!!!  They do grow critters big here...

Hazel, Karon and Haymie

Two weeks ago we had that horrible Sunday storm and the flat tire..well, there was a young father from one of our Branches who, unasked, took off his shoes and got busy helping us with our debaukle.  He speaks very little English so relied on others to interpret for him.  Well, Randy and I decided to take his family to a nice restaurant we have found in Roxas for dinner as a thank you.  When I approached him last Sunday and asked him if they would enjoy that, he wasn't sure he understood correctly so went to get his wife who speaks very good English.  These people are so very humble and poor and had NEVER been to a restaurant before.  When we pulled up in front, his little son Russell looked at his daddy and asked 'what are we going to do here, tatay?'

We told them to order anything they wanted and as much as they wanted.  It didn't take long for them to get the idea as Randy as I ordered our dinner.  It was such a sweet experience.  They are both return missionaries, have been married for 9 years and have two children Russell [6] and Audrey [11 months].   I was sitting next to Russell and when we were finished and the doggie bags packed, I asked Russell if he was going to serve a mission?  He responded positively so I emptied my change, had him put it in his pocket with the instructions to put it in his missionary piggy bank.  He was so thrilled.  I probably had 75 pesos in change [$1.50] and he loaded that little pocket to the brim.

The father of this family is a trycie driver and normally works 15 hours a day probably earns 200-300 pesos a day which is the equivalent of $5-$7 a day...how many of you could survive and support your family on that amount?  No wonder they have only dreamed about a night like last night!!

My new buddy Russell

The beautiful Amaro family

I also visited two of my favorite places on Monday, Sharon at David's Salon for a haircut and my friends at Medi-spa, my massage treat.  A haircut costs me 150 pesos [about $4.00] and a one hour full body Swedish massage is 350 pesos [about $8.00]  I try to enjoy it as much as possible because when I come home, I will NOT have that luxury I am certain.  Monday's are our 'P' day and I often go with Gloria or Brenda and have a relaxing start to the week.
President Carlos getting his haircut by Sharon
Gloria with 'our girls' at MediSpa

The weather is getting cooler, Christmas music fills the air [there is no Thanksgiving here so Christmas comes early], homes are being decorated and the temperature is still in the 80's or 90's...WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE!!

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  1. A haircut for $4 and massage for $8???! That's awesome. That is so neat that you took the family out for dinner. What a special night they'll remember.