Thursday, February 21, 2013

Girls will be girls...

Roxas is the shoe capitol of the Province of least that is MY opinion. We have been here for 18 months and have continually marveled at the Young Adults and their shoes! I have no idea how they walk in them, where they purchase them but they have the cutest shoes I have ever seen. I have often thought of my oldest daughter Cristin as I have seen these tiny little gals strutting around in these incredibly tall heels and never missing a beat. Cristin has those moves down to a fine art. Last Sunday Elder Shaner was asked to participate in a fireside for the Young Adults and Single Adults in the Roxas district and I spent a few minutes capturing a few pictures to share. Now you must remember that most of these shoes are being worn by young women who are close to 5' tall and with a shoe size of maybe 5. They are very small women indeed...

Her matching outfit was adorable!

These were actually a little gilttery...

Maryann always looks like a million!

Her matching shoes

Even the toes matched her outfit

A cute little bow on the backside

We love to see the sisters as they gather at different meetings. Some have been 'batch mates' like Sister Wilkins and Sister Peckham. That means they were in the MTC together for 9 weeks...traveled the 10,000 miles together, and then rode the 12 hours overnight bus ride together to arrive here in Cauayan. They do become close friends.

Sister Wilkins is now our 'neighbor'...she lives in the sister cottage on our property so we see her everyday. Just this morning, I took a plate of cookies to the sisters and there she sat, on the screened in porch, reading her scriptures. These are incredible young women.

Sister Klein and Sister Tulikihihifu loved seeing each other again..

We did apartment checks this past week and visited the Rizal sisters. They all love posing for a quick picture. After all, they are girls and girls will be girls...


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  2. Love the shoes! I was thinking of you today as I patched up a cut on my hand with Superglue. You never know what kind of legacy you will leave . . .
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to seeing you in a few months.