Wednesday, August 3, 2011

And now, it begins...

Our crazy group!!
'Elder' David Keller, the young missionary who taught us in 1973.
August 1st was, without a doubt, one of the most awesome days of my life!  We arrived at the Missionary Training Center and probably looked like a deer in headlights most of the day but had such a great experience.  Before pontificating on that subject, I want to share a little about Sunday.  We had so many friends from the past,  [Vickie and Brent, Jeff and Judy, Kathy, Cleone and Lyle, Mardee and Rob, Heather and Bryan, Kathie and Don, Carolyn and Dennis, Annalee and Kirk, Kayleen, other special friends plus 19 of our 24 grandpeople and 4 of our 5 children] PLUS....the missionary who taught us the discussions in 1973 and his wife.  We haven't seen him since the night we were baptized and as he offered the blessing on the food at Cristin's house, I closed my eyes and could picture that young Elder Keller.  The memory is a great thing-too bad mine is almost shot!  Cristin and her 'significant other' worked so hard to host a wonderful backyard 'eaty thing' and luckily, the Lord smiled down and held off the rain until it was all over.  Such a great way to share our love with each of them.

Elder and Sister Shaner, Sister and Elder Stahlei

Elder Shaner, Sister Jordie Clayton, Sister Shaner
Today we had the unique opportunity to see Elder and Sister Stahlei and Sister Clayton, both friends of the past.  The Stahlei's are headed to the Southeastern Area where 'Dr' Elder Stahlei will serve as the area medical doctor.  They are also from Omaha and will serve for a year.  Sister Clayton moved in across the street from us with her family in the mid-90's as non-members.  We had the privilege of hosting their discussions in our home and she is headed to Argentina.  What a thrill to see her.  We also have run into Elder Spilker who grew up across the street from us in Kaysville and he is headed to Cambodia.  Such a thrill to see familiar faces.

Tonight we are hearing Gerald Lund present a devotional for us and we are patiently awaiting his arrival.

It begins...


  1. It was so fun to see you on Sunday. It is good to see your "tags" on. Your journey has begun for sure!

  2. Yeah! I was visiting with Bertie this afternoon and she commented that she 'hadn't heard anything from you.' I will have to tell her this post is up.
    BTW what is your mtc snail address? How long will you be there?

  3. I didn't know the Stahleis were on a mission. How neat! You look great with your name tags.

  4. When I read to Jeremy the "deer in the headlights" comment, we both laughed. I think that is how every new missionary feels on the first day in the MTC. I can't wait to hear more about what you are doing!!! love you both!!!