Sunday, July 24, 2011

The last family style!!

We had a grand week together at Kathie and Bill's mountain retreat.  They were introduced to you all last month and have been our closest friends for the longest time and brought to us the most important message of our lives...the truth of the restoration of the gospel.  In the early 2000's, they built this great cabin on the north face of the Uintah mountains a mile north of Bear River Lodge on the Mirror Lake Hwy south of Evanston.  Because they were living in California [and still are actually], I served as their local contact person and worked with the builder to make sure everything was done perfectly.  It was a great experience for me and it turned out to be a beautiful second home for them!  They are generous cabin owners and have let us bring family and friends for relaxing weekends or extended weeks.  Randy and Bill have tinkered many hours on this property and actually worked together to construct the split-rail fencing that surrounds the entire area.

On our way to the cabin area, we had to share the space with sheepherders who were moving a flock along the road-later that evening, we heard the baa-ing as they passed our cabin on their way to a new feeding ground.

 A favorite activity for all ages but potentially dangerous as noted by Alexandra's rollover wounds...we were so grateful she wasn't seriously injured!
Randy and KC

Food is always plentiful when we run away to the mountains and this year was no exception.  I created a sign-up sheet and everyone had the opportunity to help with the prep or the clean-up, whichever they wanted and it gave me time with each individually.  Creating memories and nourishing relationships are always two goals for our family time together.

And of course, the games and just relaxing, visiting and a little hammock time!

Jake and Emma

Rob and his brood

Chip, Cristin and Rob
The food was eaten, the dishes were done, the cabin cleaned and readied for the next occupants but the most important thing was, we had a grand family week despite the rain, the blackout, the injuries to people and stuff and the lack of family members who were not able to come.  We hope to have the entire group together August of 2013 when we return and enjoy a reunion somewhere in Colorado...can we top this facility???  Probably not but as we grow, the cabin doesn't so Cristin, Kim, Tawnya, April and Stephanie will be in charge of finding and planning for next time!  A grand farewell to this marvelous and gorgeous retreat with it's wonderful memories...

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