Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moving day for Ramon....

One of the things that we really do enjoy as part of our responsibility is the relocating Elders and Sisters. Sometimes, we have a 'great' apartment and for one reason or another, we need to relocate the missionaries. Occasionally, a landlord sees the improvements that occur as we occupy their home and decide they do not want to rent from us but instead, move into their improved home. In the case of the Ramon Elders, the landlord decided to sell the home and just showed up and told us to get out! Because of the lack of laws or at least the enforcement of laws and regulations, we had no leg to stand on and out we go. 

Finding appropriate housing has been another challenge for us and the missionaries. We have guidelines and requirements for a home or apartment to be considered suitable for our Elders and Sisters. Some landlords are unwilling to make the needed renovations necessary and cannot see the upside of making improvements to THEIR property. In the case of the Ramon missionaries, they found a member of the Ramon Branch who was willing to vacate their own home, add a ceiling, screens, remove a wall, install water to the home and move their things out in order to provide the Elders with a suitable place to live. Having members of the Church as landlords is really the best of the best-they understand us, our lingo, our requirements and the reasons behind them, etc. 

After waiting patiently for weeks, last Monday was moving day for Ramon! The Elders 'invited' the Zone Leaders to help, we got the Assistants to the President to bring their truck and lend a hand and within three hours, they were completely moved. The new house is down the street from the old one about 3 blocks so it was a quick transport. Later that afternoon, we went to Mabini to check on their move and install their water filter system. Their branch worked together to get them relocated. Both moves were successful and we are off this week to finish our set-up of the apartments to accommodate the increase in numbers when we receive our new batch in a week or so. 

We do love serving these great missionaries-they are the Lords chosen army for sure.
Elder Rostedt, Elder Amoreda and Elder Colonel

Divine companionship...

Another bed-we moved four into the apartment, no two alike,

Elder Phippen brings a necessity here in the Philippines-
FANS! Elder Proctor [remember we moved him and his
companion Elder Amoreda last month-the day I fell] is also
carrying fans.

One of my traditions is bringing merienda for moving day.
Elder Proctor, Elder Phippen and Elder Aguila  enjoying cinnamon rolls.

Elder Rostedt took the easy ride while Elder Ilagan and Elder
Aguila are ready to unload the bed.

EEEAAAAHHHHHHH...says Elder Ilagan. Cinnamon rolls build

Moving team-Elders Amoreda, Rostedt, Aguilal, Needs, Phippen, Coronel, Ilagan and seated, Elder Proctor.
Moving is so much easier with a little help, that is for sure. A team effort makes the work much lighter and the goal accomplished much quicker. Isn't that the way it is in real life?

Recently I was sitting in a public restroom and on the wall opposite me was a Daddy Long Legs. I watched as he struggled to get a good hold and move himself up the wall to his final goal. The tile was slippery and the only place he could grab that would give him leverage to climb was in the grout. It was rougher and gave him some footholds. [do spiders have feet?] I actually sat there much longer than I needed to, watching him make slow but steady progress.
As I finished my purpose for being there and stood up, I motioned for a cameraman and grabbed one leg, giving him a boost up to the top of the wall by the window...his goal.

As he scooted away, I thought about the many times in my life I have needed a boost or a helping hand. These missionaries could have moved themselves but the team made the task much faster and more enjoyable. As we approach another week, I would hope that each of us would take a minute this week to give a fellowman a boost-find someone who might need a little help with what may seem to you to be a mundane task and offer your hand. Both of you will benefit-they will receive assistance and YOU will have the great feeling that service to our fellowmen gives each of us as we put forth our helping hand...isn't that what He has asked us to do? Are we not following His example as we strive to be more like Him? Was Christ not our perfect role model and is it not His flock we are feeding?

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