Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Relief Society

I tell my good husband that this is the land of vinyl banners! Everywhere we look, they are strung in trees, across fences, on the eaves of roof lines and on free standing poles. We are living in a land of plastic! They are used for everything and are very reasonable in cost-this past weekend the Roxas District celebrated the birthday of the Relief Society, the women's organization in our church with a great activity at a local 'resort'. I use that word loosely because what I envisioned was far different than reality. 

All Relief Society activities in the Philippines involve three things:
                *Dancing and music [plus Karaoke] 
                *Lots of laughter and fun

Each unit presented a native dance [they were all a little different but had the same theme and usually the same music]. The women spent the weeks before the event creating their costumes, making up their dance and practicing. 

After the dance 'competition' [no winners or losers, just all having fun], they have a lunch. I usually bring my own in a cooler and they are tolerant of me for that. Then they have testimony time where each unit has a representative come forward and share a testimony of Relief Society. This year they announced a 'special testimony' then handed me the microphone! I shared my feelings about this wonderful world wide organization and my love for each of them. This will be my last activity of this kind and it was a little sad for me.

The church is the church. We may all look a little different, have different eyes or skin or language but we are all sisters through and through. That is what counts!

Sister Miguel giving the opening address

Let the dances begin...

Notice that tall blonde? I am taller than all of the women in this country and taller than most of the men-we are in a land of midgets!!

Two sisters who we got to help with their discussions-Sis Ulep on
the left will be attending the temple for the first time in May.

A command performance-Sister Galbandon [in the orange] is 6 months pregnant and a rescue of ours.
Their family will be sealed in May also. She is our new District RS President.
In 10 weeks I will look back and all I will have is memories of this glorious country with these amazing women...what a blessing this past two years have been for me...

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