Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laundry day...

I will never again take for granted my Maytag!!!  Laundry day here in the Philippines is so different than I have ever experienced before.  We have an automatic washer [it takes 2.5 hours to wash a load of clothes] and an automatic dryer [that takes equally as long] but having those available are the exception instead of the rule.  Because of the time element involved, every day is laundry day in this country.  Our young missionaries are all issued a bucket when they arrive and they all do their laundry by hand and use the clothesline method of drying.  I prefer a clothesline also so choose to use one whenever possible but do have the automatic option in the rainy season.  I love the smell of sun-dried sheets and such.  Our backyard is rigged with a single line [which my engineer companion is going to turn into an old-fashioned double line pulley system like you see in the old movies IF he can find the stuff he needs ] and because of the 12' wall surrounding it, I can hang anything I want and wear anything I want while hanging the clothes!  haha!

My first week here, I was so fascinated by the clothes hanging outside every day...they appeared like lines of flags of all colors, waving in the breeze.  As I have mentioned before, the people here are very clean in their personal grooming and homes so having their clothes clean is a priority for them.  Whenever I see little kids walking to school in the mornings in their school uniforms, they are always crisp white and ironed.

Thought you would enjoy some pictures...

A Filapina doing her laundry-see the wash and rinse tubs...

lots of people use hangers and poles like this for drying..

good use of a fence...
I admire the ingenuity of these people.  They are very industrious and clever.   Have I mentioned that we are falling in love with these people and this wonderful country???


  1. Just thought I would let you know Cheri, that I got all my laundry washed and dried in just a matter of hours. :) LOL

    I can't even imagine washing by hand! We are truly blessed where we live.

  2. I love the idea of hanging the shirts on hangers and then on the line. I am totally going to do that!

  3. Great pictures! I love the smell of air dried clothes and sheets.

  4. Wow, you guys are having quite an experience. Not quite like Mississippi. I am so excited for you. We hope to follow your example in the not too distant future.