Monday, September 19, 2011

Ok so you won't even believe this!!

I don't have a picture, just the memory so will share it and when I am finished, you will be glad we didn't get it on film.  Picture this...

We come home tired after a long and hard Sabbath-church, meetings, travel to Cauayan to plan the mission Christmas extravaganza [you know Brenda!!] and the evening coordinating meeting with the senior couples.  We arrive home around 9 and are pooped!

I decide to get ready for bed so take off everything except my undies, take off my glasses to wash my face but decide to 'potty' first.  Didn't take too long so hopped up and turned to flush.  Without my glasses, things are not clear but I knew I didn't place anything solid in that toilet [which is a dark forest green] so grabbed my glasses to have a clearer view as I flushed and to my utter shock..A RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I wasn't sure I was seeing it correctly [you don't see many living rodents trying to crawl out of the toilets in Nebraska]  I screamed for Randy, who was out in the other room and not 'tuned in' to the decibel of my voice but after a few frantic screeches, he came running with this puzzled look on his face.

"What IS the matter?" he inquired with a little irritation sneaking through his forced Sunday voice.

Mouth opened, pointing and madly flushing trying to get the little fella to go back where he came from, I replied..."A RAT!!!!!"

"What?  Where?"  he asked...

I was sure I had made it very clear where the little bugger was with my facial expression but to insure his comprehension of the situation, I pointed and screamed [just in case he couldn't hear me]  "IN THE %$#$ TOILET!!!!!"  Now people, I am a full-time set apart missionary for the Lord and the word I used to describe that little black thing with the long tail and buck teeth wasn't pretty but accurately descriptive!

He carefully grabbed the plunger that was in the bathtub, placed it in the toilet and said.."Here, hold this and let's see if we can drown him."  NOW WHO IS WE-I AM THE ONE HOLDING THE STUPID WOODEN HANDLE!!  Being the obedient wife, I stood there in my underwear, holding the handle while he went for a tool and came back with A PIPE WRENCH!!!  What was he thinking he was going to do????  twist it's little head off???

I left the bathroom to go call my buddy Brenda-her phone rang and rang and finally President answered to my scream...'I AM OUT OF HERE TOMORROW ON THE FIRST FLIGHT!!'

Calmly, he said "Hold on-here's Bren.."   [Isn't that just like a man???]

I recounted the story to Brenda as we both screamed and talked about what might have happened had the little hairy dude decided to hop up and bite me on the butt!!!  She loves things like this so we  laughed and thought it must go in  'the book' but who would believe it???  When I returned to the bathroom, Randy was flushing and flushing again.

the culprit
"Did you kill it?"  I asked...

'Yeah"  was his response.

"Did it drown?"

"No, I killed it with the pipe wrench..."

I didn't even want to ask the details...but I slept with a flashlight
and my glasses on the nightstand for my potty runs...and dreamed
all night about Willard!!!


  1. Oh geez, I'm cracking up, Cheri. Pun intended. I will never get up in the middle of the night and run to the potty in the dark. Never! lol

  2. I'm not going to be able to sit on the toilet all day!:) AHHHH!!!!

  3. Oh that brings back memories :)

  4. you named it Willard?? HAHA!!!

  5. Oh my gosh!!! I'm glad you're there and I'm here! I almost stood on the couch reading this. Egads!!!

  6. Wow! I dont know how I missed it, but I had no idea you guys were there on a mission now! How cool you get to be there with friends! I hope you're loving it, other than the rats of course. Niel served his mission inQuezon city. He has a lot of rat stories! Ewe!