Thursday, April 4, 2013

Only in the Philippines....

A few more random shots of things that we find only here in this great country...

With NO OSHA laws...

There is a section of the National Highway in Nueva Vizcaya where 'free flow' water allows people to pull off and wash their vehicles. The enterprising residents will charge for the use of their water [they have installed the hook-ups for the motorists] and they become entrepreneurs...

Trees in a variety of shapes and sizes..

Strange looking men with rags on their heads to protect them from the heat...this guy is kinda cute though..

Spiders the size of a small cat! This one is on the wall next to our huge floor vase, just for size comparison.

Instant showers occur along the roadside-the children and adults bring their shampoo and soap and take advantage of the free flow water systems...

Fifty foot pigs???? Really???

Cement being mixed directly on the pavement...then scooped into a bucket and carried to the area where it is needed.

Scaffolding being held up by a wing and a prayer

Colored plastic bags tied to long loads to warn the other motorists of their existence. 

Crazy winter hats worn at all times of year and in all types of weather

Free hanging suspended bridges with people running across them like squirrels

Animals and passengers hauled as one parcel

Crazy socks worn year round by all ages of women-these are on a 86 year old woman for a church activity. She is a hoot!!

Children and adults alike walking arm in arm. There is no fear of ridicule or embarrassment for affection here-this country is proud of the love they have for one another. Other countries could really learn a valuable lesson from them. Love is not ashamed...

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