Friday, April 26, 2013


When my youngest son was small, I loved reading to him at night. He would join me in my waterbed and we read many classics as well as some children's church books. 'Trumpet of the Swan' and 'Charlotte's Web' were two of his favorite [I love E.B. White's books for kids]. Every now and then we would just have a fun read night and his all-time favorite were the 'Where's Waldo?' series. I think that we owned all they made and we had such fun racing through the pages trying to find the little character with the funny hat.

The thing that made those books so entertaining were the visual stimulation factor. You looked and looked and in the searching process, discovered so many interesting surprises. That is a little like our lives here-there is visual stimulation everywhere. The island that we live on is Luzon. Square miles, it is half the size of Nebraska or Utah but the population is twenty times either of those states. I snapped a few shots this past two weeks of our 'Where's Waldo' lifestyle. Have fun..

We are among the most incredible people in the most interesting country. This experience is one we will cherish and remember the rest of our lives....


  1. Cristin Shaner wrote: "I look through the pictures and start to tear up... I am SO EXCITED to see my parents again! with Cheri Shaner and Randy Shaner"

  2. Cheri, you should publish, really. I love reading your posts and the pictures are great. I'm hoping you were taking the pictures and I wasn't supposed to find you in all that.
    And I hate to say I'm the opposite of Cristin, I am going to miss your pictures and posts when you come home.

  3. Kind of makes me want to drive out to the interstate and look at the 'openness' of Nebraska :-). I like being able to see forever.

  4. Carolyn Wright We love you "Waldo"!

  5. I also miss the 'seeing forever' thing but once we leave the cities and go to the 'bukid' [the farmlands] it is like Nebraska,,,except with rice fields...