Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Masters of Cement

These folks are the 'Masters of Cement'. I have never seen people that can manipulate cement into such fabulous creations. They build all of their structures from 'hollow block' or as we can it cinder block and rebar. It is amazing to watch.

Last fall, we noticed some new roadside decor in the making and within a couple of months and many man hours of craft, the following two 'welcome to' signs appeared on the highway. They are so intricate and colorful...just thought maybe one of you might be missing your lifetime calling-a designer of cement creations. Enjoy!

This shows a carabao pulling a cart laden with bags of rice while two workers
unload and carry.

This is the opposite side of the road of the first picture-a people
proud of their heritage and work.

Close up-notice the eyes of the carabao, the sculpture and designs on the front of
the base and the definition in the muscles of the worker-amazing.

 Ilagan is the city with the 'normal' grocery store in our area-Savemore. It almost reminds us of a store in the US. These next pictures are welcoming travelers to Ilagan. Also remember everything is done by hand and is done with cement!!

An amazing craft made by amazing people. Pictures do it NO justice but you will need to travel 16,000 miles to see it in person so enjoy...

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  1. That is really cool! You are seeing some amazing things.