Friday, July 8, 2011

Bats, a train ride, some great Gelato and movin' on!!!

As we wound down our Texas time, we spent Tuesday doing some fun things.  Swim lessons occupied the morning and after lunch, we all set out for a great finale of a day!  Wednesday we headed west, leaving behind some wonderful memories and a great little family who will be SO missed!  Below are some pictures of our adventures.

see our group behind the engine??
With a temp of over 100 degrees, we were all ready for some 'cooling off' time-Whole Foods in downtown Austin really hit the spot!!

We then traveled to the Congress Avenue Bridge [a famous landmark in Austin] to watch the most amazing event-there are over 750,000 female and 750,000 baby bats that live under this bridge and at dusk, they all come flying out to spend their night feeding and such.  It was truly amazing to see them all spiraling out of their hiding places and up into the sky.

Libby and Jeremy waiting to see the phenomenon of the bats

Our 24 hour car trip from Austin to Salt Lake City was broken up by this beautiful scenery.

South of Moab

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