Monday, July 11, 2011

Burgers, brats and a great porch swing...

What a relaxing and enjoyable weekend with our 'firstborn in the wilderness' and her kids.  Had a cookout with some great burgers and brats along with Bruce Bishop and his gorgeous girls.  [how many 'B's can I find?]

Now who is Bruce you ask?  He is the 'main man' in my daughter's world [besides her four sons] and is a keeper if you ask me.  We had a great dinner with Potato Salad [thanks to Sam's Club], watermelon, cantaloupe, kraut for the brats, and a great Chocolate Torte [also courtesy of Sam's] for dessert.

Some of you know about our card group in Omaha and our signature game we called Crud.  Well, this Bishop family also plays a variation of Crud and we were all whomped royally by Emily, Bruce's 17 yr old daughter.  It was a fun evening and so glad we had the weekend with them.

Yesterday we attended Sacrament Meeting and heard Cora's girl's camp report.  This was her first time to speak in church and she did a marvelous job!  After dinner, Randy, Kayleen, KC and I drove to a Stake Center in Salt Lake and attended a Fireside where Rob and Tawnya were performing with the Jenny Phillip's Choir.  Both of them are members of the choir and have actually traveled with them to distant places to perform.  It was awesome!  The stake that attended is getting ready for their Trek and this fireside prepared them so well.  We loved it!!!

When we lived in Kaysville from '92-'03, our home had a wonderful porch swing.  I grew up with grandparents who had a great porch swing and have many fond memories of heart-to-heart talks with my cousin sitting in that swing.   In Kaysville, I spent many hours perched on that swing, crocheting, reading or just watching the activities of my neighborhood and talking with neighbors, kids, grandkids, and my young women when I was an advisor.   Cristin has a swing on her front porch and yesterday, we spent a couple of hours sitting and swinging, yakking and making plans.  Love spending time with my girl...and her kids too, of course.

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