Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family time is the greatest!!

As we wind down our time before entering the MTC in a little over two weeks, we are realizing how important family time is in our lives and what a void will be left as we leave for two years.  Families are the greatest and we are treasuring every moment we can muster!

Monday was Family Home Evening at Chip's house and after a lesson, we had a fun activity of relay races.  The overall winner was KC.  She definitely got her competitive spirit and athletic ability from our side of the family.

The malt balls debaukle!!
My friend Carolyn gave me a grand recipe for brownies that I made for camp this year-this is the same one that inspired a song and one of the main ingredients is Malt Balls.  WWEEEELLLLL,,because they don't sell them in the Philippines, my sweet friend and my mission president's wife asked me to bring some SSSOOOO...being the maximizer again, I bought and crushed 27 boxes of Whoppers with the help of  Rob, Ellie, Tawnya and KC.  With our restricted suitcase weigh, not sure how many we will be taking but they are all crushed and ready!!!  I am sure my kids will be happy to use whatever I can't fit in.  They would be great topping for a bowl of ice cream or just added to milk and ice cream for a great shake.

Took the Frontrunner to Salt Lake City yesterday and did some shopping at The Gateway with Kayleen, KC and Cora.  The girls were given $10 each and told to spend it on themselves while Kayleen and I shopped for 'old lady' stuff.  California Pizza Kitchen was our lunch destination and then the trip back to Davis County.  Had a great day but all slept well last night!
Cora and KC sporting their 'hair feathers'

A couple of pooped grandmas!

The cabin shopping will take up most of today and tomorrow, after church, we will start our great week of
relaxation and fun at Bill and Kathie's wonderful retreat in the Uintah mountains..stay tuned...

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