Sunday, June 26, 2011

Mud, fun and a tow truck!!

WHAT A WEEK!  I hardly know where to start but will try to hit a few highlights of Girl's Camp 2011 and my kitchen crew!  This year I had two new 'grannies', Renae Cohn and Jill Jacob and coming back to the torture once more were Cherlyn Call and of course, my long-time buddy Claudia Beach.  What amazing women...we worked together like we were conducting a dance, laughing all the time.  Boy do I LOVE these women and appreciate their time and sacrifice!!

The first day was a hectic day getting to camp, setting up, being sequestered in our little leader's cabin with 65 other people because of impending weather alerts, realizing Sam's had forgotten to load one entire flatbed of food and needing to drive back to Omaha to retrieve it, being stuck in Sam's while the tornado sirens blasted, not being able to get back to camp because of down power lines from the storm,  trying to reach camp by taking back roads and in the process, backing the car into a river-side ditch and needing to be towed out to the tune of $120 [which I just happened to have thanks to Randy's insistence that I cash a check someone gave me and hang onto the cash],  unable to reach camp and needing to drive BACK TO OMAHA AGAIN to sleep and await the clearing of the road that gets us to camp...are you all getting the picture???

Cherlyn and the ditch...

 I make this sound like a nightmare and it really was on Monday but after we got through that serious speed bump, things really did improve and we did have a blast.  Nobody got hurt...we are all still friends...I had the most amazing support staff and we didn't even burn one morsel of food!!

We needed a trailer to get the supplies to camp!!

Our tradition has been to entertain the girls as well as feed them well and I believe we did accomplish that!

Italian night serenade...
 'Doc' is the ranger in charge of the camp and always enjoys our antics as well as our great eats!  We have enjoyed working with him as he will do ANYTHING for food!!  An interesting sidelight-he wants to talk to the missionaries and find out more about the tenants of our beliefs.  hhhmmmmm...:)


  1. Wow! What a start to the week! I'm glad everything went well after that! Love the picture with the mustaches.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. Can't wait to see you!

  3. I wish I could have been at camp this year! Sounded like crazy weather, but overall very good and Nyawech told me that the food was awesome! For real! She told me that in her report to the class about girl's camp! Good job!