Friday, June 10, 2011

OH!!! my aching back...THE BOXES!!!

One jammed box.
I am a maximizer.  I know that.  I have been a maximizer all my life and will die a maximizer.  What is a maximizer you say????

My friend [and also my Mission President's wife] Brenda worked for Gallup when she lived in Omaha and needed to learn how to administer the 'Strength's-finder' test for her position.  That test is very interesting.  About 100 random questions pop on the screen and the one taking the test answers with his/her first response.  The answers are analyzed and the results will tell a prospective employer the areas of strength and weakness of a job candidate.  Wweeeelllllll...she needed to learn how to administer this test and all of her friends became guinea pigs.  It was really very fascinating to me how our random answers gave a really accurate and true picture of our strengths [talents] and weaknesses [the junk we can't do well.]  Hence...I AM A MAXIMIZER!!   I always do three times more than needed when asked to do something...I buy eight times more than any one human needs, I use 18 visual aides when teaching a Sunday School Class and overwhelm the poor little kids, cook 7 times more food than we will ever consume, etc.  You get the picture.  When contemplating our upcoming move to the Philippines, I tried to think of everything I might need.  Most of this stuff I had in my home and why should I throw it away, right?  So, the month of May was spent with me shipping paper boxes, Zija boxes, book cartons, etc. to Kathie in California.  The FedEx man is coming for Thanksgiving next year and bringing the pecan pie!!!

There is a company called LBC who will ship boxes to the Philippines for a very reasonable cost so I spent yesterday and today shopping, unpacking the little boxes and repacking into LBC boxes in preparation for shipment.  They travel by boat and will take between 30-40 days to arrive but the timing will be fine for me.  So far I have packed 5 and will take two to the office tomorrow and exchange for two more empty ones.  When I emailed Brenda [who knows me WAY too well] and told her I would be shipping probably 6 boxes, I could almost hear her hooting from here!!!  Each of these boxes probably weigh 50-75 pounds and will need either a hand truck or two strong AP's to unload when they arrive.  My theory---why throw away perfectly good Raspberry Chipolte Sauce when there is a possibility I might use it in the next two years...

Who is having more fun???
Tonight I soaked in the hot tub and will go to bed with a muscle relaxant and sleep like a man is here and the stuff is almost packed!  What a day!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh! If one is good, ten is better...are you your Mom or what!? :-)