Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our California weekend...

Bill, Kathie, Me and Randy

 Our weekend is drawing to a close and tomorrow we travel home...oh, wait!  WE DON'T HAVE A HOME ANYMORE!!!  We are officially homeless and the new people have moved right in.  It will be a strange feeling indeed to go to the neighborhood and not own that home that I loved so much...I just hope they are good neighbors and love my flowers as much as I did.  

          This weekend was a 'honey-do' for the guys.  Bill travels as much as Randy and the little odd jobs seem to pile up so together [it is always more fun to have a playmate when fixing stuff] they checked off some projects.  We visited Bill's '59 Corvette [currently being restored in Los Angeles], the guys fixed the blinker in Kathie's car, set up their computers with SkyPe and then attacked the lighting system in the flowerbeds in the back yard.  Watching those two together always has made me chuckle-they have worked side-by-side for many years and tackled more projects than I would like to count and always look like two little boys playing daddies...


Church was great today-their ward meets in this cool building in Aliso Viejo that has two complete buildings under one roof-two chapels, two gyms, two Relief Society Rooms, etc.  Eight wards can meet there and with real estate so pricey in California, it really consolidates the congregations and makes the best use of the building.  After church, we had some pictures taken [using a tripod and quick moving men] for our memory books.

If it was not for these two dear friends, this blog wouldn't exist!!!  In 1973, we met and over the course of a few months, were introduced to the church, were baptized and the rest is history.  This morning in Relief Society I was explaining how this was really Kathie's mission also and said she would be living it posthumously through me...oh, the sorrow of getting old!!!  All laughed, probably more at her facial expression when I made that comment than my quick recovery as I corrected myself with 'vicariously, vicariously!!'

I have laughed and cried with this woman-the sister of my heart!

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  1. I can see you standing up in Relief Society and saying that! Too funny.