Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Linda, me, Marge, Pat and Becky

High school is such a confusing time.  My experience was fine but my memories are not as positive as some you see in the movies.  I was in all the musical activities, the plays, I sang with the school dance band, but never went to a dance, a prom, didn't date and felt, as I am sure many of my friends did [but heaven forbid we voice our feelings], isolated.  This summer my alma mater is having it's 45th class reunion in July.  One of my good friends from high school has 'found' me and we reconnected this past spring.  She is still in Lincoln and has her pulse on the wherabouts of the members of our class.  For some unknown reason, she has been in charge of the reunions and when she found out we were leaving before July and I wouldn't be attending this year's festivities, she arranged a little mini get-together for a few of my girl friends.   Last Tuesday we met at Grisanti's in Lincoln and had such a fun evening.  Thanks, Pat!  I will be there for the 50th!!!

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